Disappointment in the dumps and Alfred Hitchcock bird freakout

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Yesterday, I published a teaser for today's explanation of Sunday's "kick in the teeth," or basically ending the day feeling like a wrung out dishrag. That's quite a lot of temporal references for one sentence. I'm not sure I even understand.

Some of you may have returned to read this article because you're the type of person who enjoys juicy gossip, and/or can't stand suspense, and/or turns to the last page of a murder mystery after reading the first few pages. I'm fascinated by this quality of human nature, especially since it's shared by so many.

As the youngest of three children, when it came to other people's business, I was strictly on a "need to know" basis. Unless it somehow involved me, no one ever told me anything worth knowing about, and if any information managed to slip out, it was generally stripped of its juicy embellishments.

That didn't change in grade school. Gradually, I learned how to navigate the world of secrets. Either coax it out of people or cultivate an air of indifference. Coaxing rarely ever succeeded, leaving projection of an air of indifference my first course of action. In the end, I either honestly didn't care or succeeded in making people think I didn't care, in which case, they would often spill the beans. Smart, right?

Do I see you projecting an air of indifference?

Okay, okay, I'll stop. For those of you who showed up for the salient details, here's what went down:

Tweeting mournfully, the mate of a wild bird that got stuck between our basement ceiling and kitchen wall continued to stake out the house. It commandeered the front yard, filling it with a rather creepy Alfred Hitchcock-esque feeling. Instantly, my garden high fizzled into thin air.

A pre-arranged trip to Chicago turned into a fiasco as housing and transportation possibilities fell through. Stuck scrambling for a car rental and hotel reservations, I still feel like nobody cares. Way to make a gal feel welcome.

Someone who I thought would always have my back abandoned me. 'Nuff said.

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Gigi said...

oh dear God. I only watched for 1.28 and I wanted to blow my brains out from the tweeting.

couldn't you have thrown a bug bomb up in there and just stopped it?

Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't get it. So yesterday you were in your backyard with the foliage and bugs and got renewed...so what happened that change all that -to make it "not to be...?"

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That bird's mate has been there ages now ....... oh dear

CherylT said...

It started with the bird, Haupi, and yes, it has been here for ages. I really thought it would find another mate by now. It actually came to the front porch on Saturday. Rather terrifying. I keep thinking the next time it will return with friends. The whole day went downhill from there, at least for me.

Linda Medrano said...

Oh Cheryl! I'd feel downtrodden after this mess too! Poor baby! And poor bird! And poor bird's girlfriend!

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