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Sadly, the August 2, 2010 issue of the Carnival of Rants didn't make it to publication on time. Sorry. Blame my new job. So many balls up in the air, I suppose one or two had to drop eventually. But, better late than never, I suppose. Hope you'll agree.

Head on over to Womanist Musings where "Is Sarah Palin REALLY A Feminist?" asks the burning question: is Sarah Palin true to feminist causes or just a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Hate those inconsiderate drivers? Conditional Cognition presents "Turn Signal Tactics," saying, "Here's a silly/funny/witty rant about inconsiderate drivers."

Sad, achy-breaky heart snuffles at Cherry·Vomit | My Life In Transition. If you're into that kind of stuff, have a go at "Isn’t Supposed To Break Your Heart." Not quite a rant, but it will do for this issue.

I can't make heads or tails of this story (because it's partially written in a foreign language), but the pictures are pretty damn funny. Mohit Salgaonkar presents "Do mastaane chale zindagi banane..." with this headline grabber: "Read the story of two Indian software professionals working on the toughest project of their lives, that too in USA! A story with a difference, narrated with the help of stills from a Bollywood movie!" Okay, Mohit, we get the idea.

Jiles O'Neal is ready to take the law into his own hands in "Cops Just Sitting," posted at No Complaint Too Small. This blog posts, like, a rant a day. Maybe it should be the next host of this Carnival.

Mike doesn't give a rat's a** about Mongolia and is shouting it from the rooftops. "I'm an Ugly American. . . and Proud of It!!" goes to town on websites that bash Americans.

That concludes this issue of The Carnival of Rants. If you want to submit to our September issue, check out the link below.

For the July 1, 2010 edition of a Carnival of Rants, we are featuring the following articles and urge you to visit as many as possible:

Andrew Hall presents Laughing In Purgatory: Longevity - Purgatory Style! posted at Laughing In Purgatory, saying, "My long term plan for immortality by harnessing the power of Evil." Mooo-hoo-hoo-wha-hah-hah!

Natasha Chandler presents An Idiots Guide To Surviving PMS… posted at Treaclechops - The Blog of Champions.

Michele presents Sex in the City posted at Fortuna's Digest.

Simple Llama presents The telephone is an aberration posted at Simple Llama.

Mohit Salgaonkar presents Project हो तो ऐसा (बिलकुल न हो) posted at Still Waiting to Wake, saying, "Read how a Bachelor or Engineering project with Bombay University was (almost not) completed!"

Bridget Forney presents Self-checkout for dummies posted at Numbers Not Invited.

Katie Sorene presents 22 Signs You’re a True Expat posted at Travel Blog - Tripbase, saying, "A cynical take on life as an expat"

MummyT presents The Red Queen posted at Travels with a Nine Year Old, saying, "The perils and hassles of scams in Vietnam."

Fabius Maximus presents About the Euro crisis: the experts are wrong; the German people are right. « Fabius Maximus posted at Fabius Maximus.

Zhu presents The Road To Hell posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, "Each country has good intentions paving the way to hell. France’s is probably strikes – incidentally, “strikes and protests season” also starts early in the spring. There is always a strike going on somewhere but most are only worth a Gallic shrug."

Praveen presents Illegal Immigration, the War on Drugs, and Prohibition - Haven't We Learned Anything? posted at Simplicity in Politics, saying, "Illegal Immigration, the War on Drugs, and Prohibition"

GrrlScientist presents Oiled SeaBirds: To Kill Or Not To Kill? What Is The Ethical Thing To Do? posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "Some people claim that we should euthanize all oiled birds immediately upon recovering them. But I argue it is our ethical responsibility to protect, clean and save these birds, even after they've been oiled, just as we should preserve and clean their habitats."

Donna Freedman presents Trashing plastic bags. posted at Surviving and Thriving, saying, "Eventually plastic bags will no longer be a fixture in our lives. And I’ll miss them when they’re gone."

Big Cajun Man presents Self Insured Company Disability Plans posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "Another area of concern at work, is your disability insurance safe?"

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