Longing to swap places with Christian Louboutin Barbie

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Doll lovers heaved a collective "OMG!" when Christian Louboutin-shod Barbie made her widely anticipated debut on Net-A-Porter last Fall. The first of the limited edition series quickly sold out, only to reappear on eBay at slightly inflated prices.

Since then, "Dolly Forever" and "Cannes Film Festival" Barbie haven't created the same kind of frenzy. Actually, all three dolls can still be purchased at the original issue price and in some places for a slight discount. Hard to believe when considering the innovative ad campaign concocted to move these suckers.

These ad images are lush and distinctive, the proportions exacting. There's frou-frou bathrobe-wearing Barbie lounging on a manicured patio as Louboutin gardens in the flower bed. Cat burglar Barbie and Louboutin staking out treasures atop a glass-paned roof. Ringmaster Louboutin pointing to scantily clad Vegas girl Barbie in a purple velvet swing high above the audience. And much, much more.

I almost find myself envying the plastic jet-setter more for her glamorous lifestyle than for her red-soled shoe empire. I should only look half as good in bank breaking fashion while cavorting with a famous designer. What I wouldn't give to trade places with Mr. Louboutin's muse and send her walking in my penny loafers for a day.

Watching the tree cutters at work

Watering the garden

Ruminating over the porch planter that fell apart

Measuring the pile of dishes in the sink

Tripping over clothes covering the laundry room floor

Lamenting to-do projects languishing in the hallway

Surveying holes to be patched in the bathroom

That foxy floozy would have to be so much dumber than she looks.

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