Today's Linky: Of Cabbages and Kings

I'm beginning to warm to the idea of showcasing a new blog every Wednesday. Straight from the How to Win Friends and Influence People Guide of Blogging Nuggets, nothing says love'n like link'n and plug'n.

I know, I know, the whole idea of sending hard earned precious traffic to somebody else's bandwith is counter-intuitive, but trust me on this one. I know from whence I speak.

Of Cabbages and Kings, a blog that's easy on the eyes and funny as all get out, came to my attention rather unexpectedly from the most unlikeliest of places: an abandoned social network.

About two years ago -- yes TWO whole years ago -- I joined this then fledgling social network to promote my new blog -- a different new blog, mind you -- not that it matters. Having no idea what I was doing, I proceeded to post a discussion topic soliciting suggestions for a niche blogging topic and offering a prize. I then promptly dropped the site like a hot potato and never looked back.

Well, not exactly. Recently, I did look back and lo and behold, the site is no longer fledgling. To my delight, the place is now bursting at the seams with activity. Naturally, it took some time to get my bearings.

During the process, I came across a very old discussion topic I had started, so old it had gathered moss and turned yellow. I had offered a prize for the best answer -- publicity on my new blog -- and about 11 people replied. They must have thought I was some kind of welcher because I never did award the prize, nor did I return to the community.

Until now. True to my word, though a teensy bit late, I'm awarding the prize for the best answer to Jenn Thorson, author of Of Cabbages and Kings. I actually happen to like Jenn's blog and probably would have chosen it even without the discussion topic (don't think I'm just saying that to score brownie points). I really mean it. Jenn is a humor blogger, capturing the nuances of every day occurrences in a funny and entertaining manner. She also has a dedicated following, probably as a result of years spent at this networking site. Years I lost by not investing more time at the network.

Seriously, go check out Jenn's blog. It's a gas.

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Jenn Thorson said...

Cheryl- Thank you for the kind nod... And the timely utility company pun. :)

Glad you made it back to BC-- and much luck to you with your shiny new blog!

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