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I'm getting ready to go on a short vacation and began tying up loose ends. Emails, laundry, bills and the like, you know, the junk you don't want waiting for you when you return home. And then I realized I hadn't posted anything for today and probably won't post anything tomorrow.

It was time to hit the old Stumble to see if I could get the creative juices flowing. Darned if they didn't. Gosh, I really love this community. It's an easy way to enjoy the fruits of the Internet from a toolbar integrated seamlessly with any web browser. Just look at the bounty from tonight's haul:

I have no idea what this site is or how long anyone can stand staring at the kitty sound screen without being on some kind of hallucinogen. Turbo electric music and revolving cats meow more times than the average person can tolerate. Loads of fun until it starts to piss you off. Stop meowing already!

Stuff I don't want decorating my living room, or for that matter, anywhere near the bathroom. Great for people who love  to knit and mount simulated animal remains on their walls.

The Book of Numbers is a delightful journey into existentialism and mind over matter. You must hang out long enough to have something happen before turning the page. Especially liked the woman in an old fashion bathing suit playing punch ball, but there's some other cool stuff with foreign money that will have you studying the book a lot longer than you may have planned.

Welcome to Celebrity Morgue, a place almost too gruesome for a picture illustration. Thirty celebrities laid out in state in all their picture glory for gazillions to gawk upon. Highlights include rare photos of Marilyn Monroe, Ted Bundy, and President Abraham Lincoln lying in state.

Hats of Meat is worth checking out just to see what kind of expensive meat people will waste by fashioning it into head gear. Ho ho ho.

At first I didn't get the point of Nose Hair eCard. Other than really seedy derelicts with nothing better to do than sit at a computer all day, who would want an eCard of curly nose hair? But then I realized you could associate the little sticklers with words, any words, and once I got plucking, I really went to town.

Extreme Pumpkins is more pulpy orange stuff than you’ll ever want to see in your lifetime, including pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin patterns, pumpkin contests, pumpkin recipes, well, you get the idea. Best visited around Thanksgiving and Halloween.

A video of tiny porkers reacting to the sound of some crazy guy's interruptions is kinda cute. When the bozo starts singing, "They tried to make me go to rehab…" those cute fuzzy piglets can’t stop themselves from twitching. And it sure beats looking at kittens. Get those pigs an agent.

The Essex Mountain Sanatorium isn’t exactly celebrity rehab. The place is probably haunted, definitely creepy, and has oodles of wretched pictures, including clippings from "The Buzzer," a weekly newsletter for tuberculosis sufferers.

Totally Absurd Inventions is for people with waaaaay too much time on their hands. In addition to the patently absurd Gerbil Shirt, which, believe me, is stupid enough, this site houses the Hall of Fame of Extreme Uselessness. Inventions such as the Dimple Drill, Arm Mitten (complete with choking neck strap), and Butt Master (looking more like a torture device than cellulite reducer) could keep one engrossed for hours. Oh my.


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Gigi said...

I haven't installed StumbleUpon on my new laptop yet. I was just getting into exploring it on my old machine, and I, too, was taken aback at what is out there. I mean, I've always known that the 'net is full of all sorts of weird crap, but wow.

have a great vacay!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'd forgotten about 'stumble' - thanks for the reminder ......

Linda Medrano said...

Go enjoy your vacation! Have fun! Take pictures!

Kimmy said...

Cheryl my dear you have truly outdone yourself this time!
Gerbil shirts and sanatorium does not get any better for a weekend send off!
I hope your time away does nothing to your sense of's priceless!
Have a lovely one, cheers!

Brand New Day said...

I'm scared, that's a WORLD of freaky stuff! S'cuse me, I have to run away now!

THE SNEE said...

The most bizarre is the hat of meat! Am I even allowed to make a judgment about what is bizarre? Enjoy your vacation.

Heather said...

I apologize it has taken me a sweet forever to get here. Realized the problem and corrected it! Now, I must run along and add Stumble to my daily clicks. Because Facebook isn't enough, apparently. ;)

chandra said...

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