I can come up with a blog post day contest

Offering prize money in exchange for link love and subs is a great way to increase a blog's search engine rankings. This site pretty much exploded simply by asking readers to do the following:

1.Rub your stomach while patting your head and jumping up and down on one foot NAKED!!
2. Sign Up for RSS
3. Tweet, Stumble, Shout from the Rooftops
4. Mention the post on your blog
5. Leave a comment

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Great. So now that I've done all five, isn't it clear that I am the one most deserving of the C Note? Better yet, if you're reading this post, why not subscribe to MY blog to show how utterly pathetic you think I am for entering such a solicitous contest in the first place.

Win an EASY $100 - National I can't come up with a blog post day! my eye.

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