I have a huge .... linky

If you've subscribed to this blog -- and not too many people have -- you may have noticed the Tuesday and Wednesday lineups sorely lacking in the content department. No "Today's Linky," no "Random Internet Crapola," not even a new blog post until very late Wednesday afternoon.

Well, Tuesday was quite busy around here. Totally threw off my schedule.

I'm all pooped out and very much in need of a good night's sleep. Much as I hate to resort to shallow-pretending-to-be-trendy follow-me gimmicks, my schedule has left me little alternative. Tomorrow is my only free day to take care of errands, including shopping for Father's Day and visiting an acquaintance who recently lost her 20-something son. Very sad.

I've created a blog-hop called "I have a huge ___________," asking readers to fill in the blank by joining the Linky. It's only good until midnight tonight and then it is no more good until the end of 2010 or until 25 people join, whichever comes first.

If you like the idea, hop aboard. The worst that can happen is you'll be the only sucker blogger optimistic enough to put your blog on the line and perhaps cause your friends to wonder whether you've gone off the deep end. Then again, by entering the Linky, your blog could be in on the ground floor of an awesome opportunity. Here's how to join"

1. Write a blog post linking to this article. As seems to be accepted practice, entries unaccompanied by a linking blog article will be summarily deleted.
2. Add your blog to the "I have a huge..." Linky below by naming whatever you have that is huge (I have a huge .... what?). Post the article URL that links to this article as your link
3. Leave a comment here AND on the blog entry directly above yours.
4. Subscribe to at least one other blog in the Linky (no pressure to subscribe here even though it would be GREATLY appreciated).

Allow me to get the ball rolling. I have a huge rear end, and I'm not just saying that. Eat your heart out, Kim Kardashian.

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Daddy Papersurfer said...

Oooooo ..... I wonder what I'm going to get for Fathers Day!?!!! ..... *looks excited*

TIGHTWAD said...

Hi Cheryl, Yes I just went into the 'articles' section of Mindless Eating and see that it is simply a list of articles, rather than something to actually read. Under Free Stuff you can request a newsletter though. Cheers, and thanks for visiting! Tightwad

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