Tossing my cussing entry into the fantastic cuss challenge

Today I'm entering the "Fantastic Cuss Challenge" posted at Numbers Not Invited, not because I'm particularly prone to spurt cuss-laden vernacular or easily swayed by the lure of cussing contest prizes, but because I'm a cussing sucker for innovative, outside-the-box ideas connecting new readers to relatively unknown but spunky as cuss blogs.

The idea behind the challenge is cussing simple:

To enter, just post a blog entry using "cuss" in place of all swear words and leave a comment with the link to it below; you can also tweet to enter and see below for more ways to earn extra ballots!

Numbers Not Invited

Okay, so I'm probably only going to tweet the hashtag #CussYeah once otherwise my friends over at Twitter will probably think I'm cussing crazy, and besides how many times can you cussing tweet the same thing over and over before cuss-eating people start flagging your cussing tweets as awkward and irrelevant? Better to play it on the safe side and exercise cussing restraint.

Oh cuss! The cussing light bulb in my overhead lamp just died again. That will be the cussing third time this month I've had to change that made-in-cuss-wan piece of crap. I should search online for something more reliable, maybe some kind of laptop attachment I can cussing plug in and forget about. Although then I might have to deal with a cuss for brains, non-English speaking, foreign customer service representative. Who can understand those cussing people anyway? Does everything have to be cussing outsourced these days?

Cuss it all to cuss. I'll just stick with what I cussing have. A piece of cuss.

By the way,  I don't even want the cussing prizes for this challenge. I've seen "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and while I loved it, loved it, cussing loved it, I didn't place it on my list of classics. Movies I can watch over and over again are reserved for the likes of well-written rom-coms, action adventures, and films that air so many times on television no one has to own the DVD. Stuff like "The Wizard of Oz,"  "The Ten Commandments," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Braveheart," "Pretty Woman," "When Harry Met Sally," "Annie Hall," "Terminator," "Groundhog Day," etc. and so forth. We already have so many cussing DVDs taking up space in every cussing orifice of this house, we might reach cussing overload with a new addition. Also, the cussing Chick-Fil-A prize holds no allure whatsoever. I follow dietary restrictions that don't include processed meat from cussed-up chickens.

Do I sound cussing presumptuous about the prizes in this challenge? Because I'm sure as cuss not. At least not the last time I cussing checked.

Cuss it!

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Stacey said...

Holy Cuss! This was hilarious :)

Dawn K. said...

You are cussing hilarious! (especially about the cussing prizes! But I'm with you, as far as the few dvds I care to own -- we share similar ones!) Have a great cussing night! Dawn

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Someone else wearing a BOX!!!

Penny @ said...

That is so funny. I'll have to participate sometime!

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