Will someone please explain Technorati to me

I'm not joking.

Somewhere, somehow, some way, I know Technorati is a useful blogging tool, bringing people from all walks of life together in a brilliant burst of the best and brightest the blogosphere has to offer. Gazillions of new articles appear there every day, vying for ranking and recognition. Someone should publish a cheat.

Blockhead me has yet to figure out how anyone promotes or connects on this site. Like a round-a-bout, I've been futilely clicking in circles for the past few hours looking for a way to increase blog authority or find a way to make my articles show up in relevant reading categories. No dice.

Guess the lame taggy thingy below will have to do for now. Reckons of Crass Construction has been sitting in the queue of Never Never Land waiting for approval since the day of its inception. I have no idea how to install the claim recognition token or, for that matter, find installation instructions anywhere on the Internet.

Help, somebody, please. Seriously. Help.

Apparently, claiming a blog is as easy as posting an article with the claim recognition token. So here it is:
BZBETEQ89Z39 - hope my blog doesn't get blackballed 

Oh, this is rich. I went back and did everything they told me to do and here's the result.


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