Jim Brochin campaign message worth sweating record summer temperatures

Yesterday, I stumped door to door for Maryland State Senator Jim Brochin, who is facing a few challengers in his bid for re-election. We got so sweaty going door to door, Jim offered to buy us drinks.

I think Brochin is the kind of legislator Annapolis can't afford to lose. Bright, personable, fiscally conservative, progressive on the environment and matters of social justice, and willing to put his money where his mouth is, especially when it comes to balancing the State budget, Brochin is one of the few Democrat incumbents willing to buck the political machinery.

He said no to O'Malley tax hikes and, in retaliation, got bumped to the back of the bus. And in a striking "comedy of errors," Brochin helped thwart Governor O'Malley in his effort to repeal the death penalty.

For the most part, Brochin votes the way a majority of his constituents favor. Anyone willing to vote the will of his constituency is okay by me.

I love how the Fire Fighters union has held back on endorsing Brochin, not because his voting record is out of whack or because his conduct is off base, but because they don't know who he's endorsing for Baltimore County Executive. Should that really matter? Brochin is State Senator for the 42nd District, not a pol for county government. Now that the union has backed Councilman Joe Bartenfelder, their hesitation reeks of strong arming. Or maybe it's just a reaction to The Teachers Association and Laborer's Union endorsements of rival Councilman Kevin Kamenetz.

It'll be interesting to see whether a fire fighters endorsement for Brochin is contingent upon taking sides.

One thing Brochin and I strongly agree upon: 2008 was the last time we'll ever trust a presidential candidate. Too much has happened to sink the message of hope floated by the Obama campaign. If I knew then what I know now ... well ... let's leave that for another election.

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The Gangster of Love said...

Good for you being politically active!! :)

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