Social Parade Follower Friday keeps starting earlier

Hehe. This blog hop keeps start earlier. But this time I am prepared.

Smart and Trendy Moms

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Dawn said...

Hi I'm following from social parade. Check out my blog and enter my current giveaways.

Kelli said...

Following you from Social Parade!

Sandy S. said...

I'm following you back from Social Parade...don't you love it when they post the blog hops a little early? I feel like I've actually accomplished something and am prepared for the next day!

Shanna said...

I am following you from the social parade! I look forward to reading more!! =)
Have a wonderful evening!

Angie said...

following from Social Parade Friday blog hop:

Gigi said... left me a comment on my friday flipoffs about a rant link list or something so I came by to check things out since I'm getting ready to do my FFO for tomorrow. let me know what you need from me [I also am following you now after reading your post about kid tantrums at chick fil a :)]

The Snee said...

Thanks so much for the blogger tip re: enabling my profile. I had no idea! Hopefully, I will be easier to find now. I'll look forward to exploring the rest of of your posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm following from Social Parade. Hope you can stop by my neck of the woods soon.

Have a great weekend :-)

K said...

new to your blog and following :)

Stop by mine at:

Krissy said...

Following from Social Parade!! Hope you have a great weekend and hope you come to our blog as well and follow us!

We currently have a $25 Walmart Gift Card giveaway going on right now! :) Low entries!

Bloggers said...

Happy Friday from The Blogger's Concierge!

Visiting from the Social Parade!

We are looking forward to connecting with you. :)

Gigi & Mis

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back! I have some awesome giveaways going on right now!:)


alicia said...

So glad you added me to your google reader! Hope to see ya around more.


Erin Wallace said...

Here for Friday Follows! Please visit me at Dropped Stitches.

xo Erin

Deb K said...

Following from the Social Parade

You can find me here~

Anonymous said...

Hello! New follower here from the Social Parade. Hope you come visit and follow my blog too. Ugh! Just been working with that new blogger design thingy and I'm exhausted. I'm with you - I'm staying with my old design for as long as I can. Smile.


Colleen said...

I am following from Social Parade. Please follow back.

I write a blog about my journey through grief after losing my 15-year-old son in a tragic go-cart accident. It reads better if you start at the first post and work your way present. If you or anyone you know has lost a child, please help me connect with them.

Helena said...

Hi there! I do an occasional rant here and there! It's good to let it out in the bloggy world, they are pretty tough out there and can take it better than those around me sometimes! Hope you enjoy your weekend and if you get a chance, stop on over at AGalNeeds.... and show me some follow love! Thanks!

Heather said...

Thanks to you, I posted about this parade AND linked you. :) Have a great weekend!

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